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How visible will my sign be?

Our experienced design team will optimize your sign design to fit its intended situation. For instance, a sign which is intended to be viewed up close will have different characteristics than a sign being viewed while driving past it. We will make sure your sign does the best possible job it can for its given task.

Do full-color graphics help my image?

When used appropriately used, full-color graphics may enhance the professionalism of your brand, service, or product. However, in some cases it may be in your best interest to stick with a simpler approach. Our design team will be able to suggest the best possible option for your intended use.

What’s the difference between a partial vehicle wrap and a full vehicle wrap?

A full vehicle wrap covers every area of exposed paint on the vehicle (the roof and non-visible areas may be excluded, yet still be considered a full wrap). A partial wrap would be graphics that cover only a percentage of the visible painted area on your vehicle.

Is the color I see on my monitor accurate to what I’ll receive?

Monitor callibration is subjective. CRT monitors, LCD monitors, and LED monitors all have differences in color accuracy. To get the best possible idea of the color you will receive, we have color charts on the walls in our shop. Pantone numbers can be given as a target reference, but note that different printing techniques and substrates affect the output. We can assist in matching as close as possible to supplied samples or Pantone numbers. Depending on your monitor calibration, these colors may or may not show accurately. With an order, a print sample can be provided if requested.

Sign Shop in Chula Vista, CA

Chual Vista Sign Shop 91910

Our Sign Shop use State of the art printers which is the highest quality printing that is available to banner industry. The vinyl that we use is the most durable on the market.

Our innovative business model allows us to have very competitive pricing and which is why businesses in Chula Vista, CA prefer us for all of their signage needs.

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