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Feather Flag Chula Vista
Feather Flag Kits

Feather banners or tear drop flags are great outdoor or indoor banner signs made out of tear resistant and full color printable fabric material, very lightweight, portable and attention grabber signs attached on lightweight poles that are easily placed in the ground with a heavy duty spike. Feather flags are available single and double sided with 3 most common sizes; 16, 12, and10 ft. Single sided feather or tear drop banner textile printing give 95% color bleed to give you good reverse read back side. Double sided same quality as single sided with the 100% block out future. Double side printed feather flags provide maximum visibility and great for roadside advertisement.

What’s included?

*Flag, aluminum pole, heavy duty ground spike (all included in the price)
*X Stand Base with one water bag. $49 extra

Prices: Custom design Feather Flag prices:

Single sided:
- 10 ft Flag Kits: $215 each
- 12 ft Flag Kits: $215 each
- 16 ft Flag Kits: $225 each
Double Sided:

- 10 ft Flags Kit: $335 each
- 12 ft Flags Kit: $335 each

- 16 ft Flags Kit: $345 each

Feather Flag Kits
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